June 13th, 2007

Bruce, Caroline

My Adventure

Hey everyone. I'm sitting here trying really hard not to move my right knee too much so thought I'd write an update. This afternoon turned into quite an adventure for me.

I decided that I needed to go to the bank and to Wal-Greens. I got my bus right away and told the driver where I wanted to get off. He didn't have the talking stuff activated, which is fairly common around here for whatever reason, and he was calling stops, so I wasn't too worried. For some reason he stopped calling at one point, and the next time he called a street it was past where I wanted to get off the bus. So, the driver walked me across the street and to the bus stop going the other direction so that I could get back to where I needed to be. I could have walked it, but it's hot outside today, and I just didn't feel like it. When the bus pulled up a couple of minutes later I got on and was let off at the correct place.

I needed to go to the bank because I had to replace my checks. I thought I wrote about it before, but I can't seem to find any reference to the problem, so if I did already talk about this, sorry. I got a box of new checks about a month ago. A couple of weeks ago it was pointed out to me that my name was misspelled, and last week I was informed that my checks were in Spanish. Everyone at the bank had a good laugh over it, and they're replacing my checks at no charge. They also discovered that my name is spelled wrong in their system, so both my checking account and my savings account were wrong. I signed a couple of pieces of paper and my name was officially changed to be correct.

As I was leaving the mall and heading to Wal-Greens, some kids were coming in. They were the kind that you probably wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. So they were walking in, making all kinds of noise. All of a sudden I felt someone grabbing my purse. Now, I have to explain what I've got. My fanny pack broke and I couldn't find one large enough to hold all my stuff so I got one of those backpack-type purses. This one has a wide padded strap that goes over my right shoulder and the main part of the purse rests on my back. There is also a waist strap that I put around me to secure it more. So where the kid grabbed was my front strap right where my cell phone goes. They didn't try to actually take it, but just the fact that they even touched it at all really kind of freaked me out.

I got to Wal-Greens and went to the pick-up window to get my Prevacid prescription that I'd called in before leaving for downtown. It was ready, but they wanted to charge me $25 for it. Having gotten this prescription filled before I knew that this was an incorrect amount. They looked at my insurance information and came back with the correct price of $5.35. I paid for it and then got some assistance to do a little more shopping. With that done, I was happy to see that it was still within my time window to be able to use my bus transfer so I didn't have to use a second ticket. I got on the bus and the driver seemed really nice. He was calling stops and everything was going well. Then he started talking to a lady that was sitting across from me, and the street announcements stopped. When we got to my stop the driver was waiting for the light to change and another passenger came up and reminded him that I needed that stop. So, I almost missed my stop for the second time that day.

My apartment building is about a block away from the bus stop. I walked the block, crossed the street just before my building, and started walking up a hill. My building is called Hawley Ridge Apartments because it's on Hawley Road, and it's on top of a hill, and they've got a fairly narrow path leading up from the sidewalk by the street to the sidewalk by the building. The narrow sidewalk is a fairly steep slope. I was walking up the hill and made a left turn. Unfortunately, the sidewalk at that point is higher than the grass, and my left foot went off the sidewalk and into the grass. Before I could catch myself I fell. Because of the heat I was wearing shorts, so of course my right leg and the concrete became very good friends. The problem is, concrete isn't quite as forgiving as my leg, so it looks better than I do. SMILE! I'm not really hurt, but my knee and part of my lower leg is pretty scraped up and it's been bleeding a lot. It's been cleaned out with some kind of antibiotic, and in a little while I'm going to wash it with warm water and put some ointment on it that will hopefully stop the burning.

So, I'm home, even with all the interesting things that happened. I plan to be lazy tonight and watch some TV, a movie or something, and snuggle with the cats. Tomorrow morning I've got an 8:30 AM appointment with my doctor for a medication check and a traditional physical. Then, sometime in the afternoon, my new wireless card for my PAC Mate is finally going to be delivered! That's a whole different story, but let's just say that the card was originally ordered at the beginning of May. Buy.com attempted to deliver it to the office rather than here, but they sent it UPS, and of course UPS won't deliver to PO boxes so it was returned. They apparently then ran out of this specific card. I started looking around for another source and found it on Amazon. I sent that information into the office and that card was ordered on June 1st. Every time it was supposed to be delivered, Amazon kept sending out emails saying that they were sorry, but the delivery date was going to be pushed back. It was supposed to be delivered last Tuesday, and it didn't come. Tuesday then became Friday and it didn't come. Friday turned into Tuesday of this week, it didn't come. Tuesday turned into Friday. Then I finally received an email stating that the card had shipped. I got the tracking number and just checked the status. It's currently at the last stop before going out on the truck for delivery, so I'm actually going to have it tomorrow, which is what the web site says. All this, and we paid for two-day shipping. Needless to say, I'm just a little frustrated. SMILE!

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. I want to catch up on what everyone else has to say so I think I'll just post this now and go away. Later.