July 23rd, 2007

Bruce, Caroline


Hey everyone. I've got a ton of stuff to do today but I had to take a quick break to tell you all about a really neat toy I just had delivered via UPS this morning. For some crazy reason I kept thinking I'd ordered another hard drive, but I was wrong. I must have been looking but not buying but it was stuck in my head for whatever reason. So anyway, what I actually bought, (and wanted), was an external sound card. The advantage, of course, is that if a computer doesn't have a sound card, or if the card isn't easily accessible as with some of the businesses I've gone into from time to time, you can connect this and have sound. You do need to have speakers, but even a little portable set is better than nothing. The really cool thing about this though is that it looks just like a jump drive. The only real difference is that there's a light on the top of it, and a jack on one end for the speakers. I connected it to my computer just to see what would happen, and got sound. It's really cool! I can totally see some places where this will come in handy. And, I'm really curious to know if it'll let me watch DVDs on my laptop. As many of you may remember, that's been difficult because the sound comes in and out when a DVD is playing. So, if all goes well, I might actually be able to use my DVD player on trips!

Anyway, I really should get back to work, but I wanted to write about this really quick. If people are interested, I can look up the information on this thing. It's on my other computer or I'd look it up now. Later. Oh, and no, despite what I was saying last night to some people, I'm not actually reading HP on work time today. They've got me doing tons of stuff so I guess Harry will have to wait until tonight.
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Bruce, Caroline

Voice Post: Tazcat introduces her blogging students

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“In this post, tazcat introduced both ariel_dog and punster1. She then went on to glote as to what an amazing student punster1 is, and---well okay, I'd better be honest as I am on thin ice with tazcat anyway! Smile! But, seriously, both ariel_dog and I said hello to everyone. Earlier in the class, we were dealing with the suggestion LJ put out when dealing with writer's block which asked the question, "What are you afraid of?" I referred to this entry in the voice post, as I said that I am afraid of the grade I will get in thecourse, because "My teacher hates me!" Of course, this is due t some perceived picking on, that tazcat thinks I aimed in her direction earlier in the course. I would never do such a thing, because I am too innocent! Gotta get back to my ocean front property! Anyway, following this, ariel_dog reerred to her earlier entery when she said that she is scarred of thunder storms and fire crackers, so she covers her head with her pillows! Following this exchange, tazcat was wondering if anyone would actually listen to the post and she was guessing that it might take up to 10 minutes for the post to be added to her journal. She said that her regular poster is on vacation, but she thought that if the post was under three minutes, there might be an automatic transcript posted. After we all said our goodbyes, the post ended. So tazcat, did I score any browny points from this transcription? Smile!”

Transcribed by: punster1