November 25th, 2007

Bruce, Caroline

LJIdol Week 3; What I'm Thankful For

As I sit here, contemplating what I'm going to write about for LJIdol week 3, I can't help but think about where I am today, and at this very second. Currently, I'm sitting here in my recliner, wrapped up in a blanket cold because I'm too completely stubborn to turn on the heat, despite the fact that I don't even have to pay for the stupid thing. I'm writing this entry with my keyboard on my lap; a keyboard that has no cord. My computer, which is sitting on a table on the opposite wall is accessible to me through the means of a program that takes printed material and puts it into speech so that I can hear what my computer is doing. Alternatively, if I were so inclined, I could use a braille display that would show me one line at a time, which allows me to not only hear what I've written, but also to read it tactually so that I can more easily check for errors. Okay, let's face it. Even the computer itself, a device that has come so far in the last several years is an incredibly large part of my life.

Technology. It's all around us, in the cars that you drive, the microwaves you use to heat up last night's left-overs, to the stop light that you hit when trying to cross that street. It's everywhere. And, when you think about it, it's really incredible. It's incredible because it's helped so many different types of people achieve their dreams, their desires, and just live. Without my computer and all of the software and hardware that I have and use, not to mention Al Gore's invention of the Internet so many years ago, I would not have met so many people from so many different places. I love to write, but I'm probably the world's worst letter-writer. Okay, so maybe I'm not the best email writer either, but believe me, I'm even worse when it comes to paper letters.

In addition to the social aspect of technology, there's also the more practical side, that four-letter word that we all hate to utter in polite company-- work. Technology has allowed me to work in the technology field, a job that, without all these things I use, would never be possible.

I'm reminded of a time about eleven years ago. I was nineteen, and I wanted to get a job. The job, if I remember right, was a data entry position. I had what I thought were decent computer skills at the time, and I was confident that, if given a chance, I'd be able to do a good job for this company. After walking into the building to apply and receive the immediate interview, the woman said to me, "You can't work here. We use computers." By law she had to give me the interview, but even then, I knew I didn't have a chance at the job. The one thing I did say to her during the interview though was that I knew that if I were just given a chance, I could prove myself to be capable of doing the work. About two weeks later, the same job was posted again.

What this taught me though is that you can have all the technology in the world and have people who just don't realize the potential that it can offer. Back then the technology was much more limited than it is today, but in my mind, I was the absolute best candidate for the job. Three years ago I was offered a job in the very field that I was told that I'd never be able to do; working with computers.

I am incredibly thankful for the technology that has allowed me to work, communicate, and have fun all at the same time. I honestly feel that this technology has done so much to help me in my life. I'm sure that if you took a look around you'd be able to see all the ways that technology has impacted your life, even if in only very small ways.
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Bruce, Caroline

Brace Yourselves, The Amazing May Just Have Happened!!!!!

Yes everyone! The world as you know it just might be coming to an end. I hate to be the one to deliver such shocking news, but it's a tough job, and someone's got to do it. The news that brings me to the keyboard at this late hour? Well, there are two things actually.

First off, while the absolutely amazing masterofmusings was here, and even before, he told me that sour cream wasn't good. I informed him that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, and that I'd prove it to him. Well, while he was here, I did prove it to him, not once but twice!!! Both the corn casserole and my chocolate cake have sour cream as a main ingredient. After he ate the food, and enjoyed it too, mind you, I informed him of what was in it. He survived, and had to admit once again, that I WAS RIGHT!!!!

Well, if that isn't shocking enough, there's more. Anyone that knows me knows that I am extremely anti-Coke. This is Coke the beverage, just in case anyone was wondering. I've just never liked it, and many times I assumed that it was due to the taste. Well, again, Bruce informed me that Coke just tasted better in Canada because it was made with real sugar rather than syrup. (Or at least that's what I think he said.) So, he brought me a bottle. Not only did I drink it, but I actually enjoyed it! But wait, there's more. I purchased a 24-pack of Coke for Bruce last week before he came. He managed to get through all but nine of the cans, which meant that I had extras. I decided that, since I actually enjoyed the Canadian Coke that I'd try the American version. It was definitely not as sweet, but .. I … Um, … I think it's growing on me. Yes people, Miss Anti=Coke just might be coming around. We'll see how I do with the caffeine though, because normally I have a love/hate relationship with it.

In any case though, I thought that you all would be interested in these amazing world-shattering events. SMILE!
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