May 15th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

Wonderful Start

Hey everyone. Well, I'm losing it or something. I woke up at what I thought was 6:05 this morning. I've got a fairly big day today, first with a neurology appointment and then a rather lengthy work thing so I'm going to be pretty much running nonstop until sometime this afternoon. So, I woke up and checked my watch. It seriously looked like it said 6:05 so I kind of went into panic mode. I needed a shower, wanted to at least have a little bit of talk time with Bruce before we both left for our days, so on and so forth. So, the first thing I did was to send him an IM telling him that I'd overslept and that I was going to grab a quick shower and I'd be with him as soon as possible. Knowing exactly when he'd set his alarm for last night, when I got done with the shower and looked at the IM window, I was kind of surprised to see that he hadn't responded. So, I figured that he'd chosen to sleep in a bit which was good since I'd pretty much done the same thing. I figured that he'd decided to set his alarm for 6:31 or something since he never uses a regular even wake-up time. So, I checked my computer time. The first time I heard it the time didn't really register with me on an actual thinking level. Part of it did though apparently and I checked again.Much to my complete disappointment, I was quite frustrated when I heard the computer say that it was 5:27 and not 6:27. I gave up an hour of potential sleep all because I read my watch wrong. Granted, I'd much rather be an hour early than an hour late, but it's going to be an extra long day now. I'll definitely be ready to go to bed tonight.

So anyway, good morning everyone, and welcome to Thursday.
Bruce, Caroline

Something Stinks!!!

Okay, so I got through my neurology appointment and all is going well. I got home, ate something, and got ready to leave again. I changed into my work clothes and grabbed something to spray on me, figuring that adding just a bit of something might be nice since I don't do the perfume/body spray thing often. So, I grabbed what looked like body spray and started spraying. Well, I don't know what this stuff is, but it sure isn't body spray. It smelled either like pure alcohol or shoe polish or something. It was nasty. So, I changed, but I don't have time to rinse myself off or anything so I sincerely hope I don't smell too bad now. Yikes!!! It smells like I had a run-in with a gas pump in this apartment now though.