October 31st, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

I Want ...

I want a nice thick pumpkin pie. Not the custard-like stuff that most pies are (although that stuff is good), but a nice thick pumpkin pie like I used to get as a kid. I have the recipe, but I don't have the ingredients. But, I really want a pumpkin pie!!!! That's all.
Bruce, Caroline

Pumpkin Pie Recipe; Bisquick

And so, since I was asked, here it is. I suggest adding the bisquick slowly and not all at once. You don't want the consistancy to be too thin, and you don't want it too thick either. Watch the edges too because they tend to burn rather quickly. This is the absolute best pie ever though!!!!!

Pumpkin Pie

This Pumpkin Pie, made with Bisquick, makes its own crust.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

1 large can pumpkin
4 eggs
1-1/4 cups sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups milk
2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

Beat above ingrediants together.

Now, add 2 cups Bisquick, making sure to mix well to avoid lumps. (Note: you may find that you need to add more bisquick or not use as much, depending on personal preference.)

Beat mixture until smoothe.

Pour into a large pirex or glass baking dish; (9X13).
Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce the oven heat to 350 degrees and bake for 45 minutes or until a fork/knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

Let cool before cutting.
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Please, Let This be Allergies!!!!!

So I'm starting to get kind of sniffly. I've got a box of Puffs next to me on my desk, and it's starting to get some serious use. I haven't had a cold in almost two years and I definitely don't want it now!!!! masterofmusings is going to be here in 8 days, and I definitely don't want a cold while he's here, or while I'm up visiting him. I've had my window open for the last couple of days during the day, and I'm hoping really hard that this is just allergies from the grass outside or something. I don't want this!!!!!!!!!
Bruce, Caroline


I don't write a lot these days about the books that I've read or that I'm reading. I don't know why, I just don't anymore. But, a little over a year ago I purchased the book "a Bend in the Road" by Nicholas Sparks from Audible. For whatever reason, I never did get around to reading it. Last night though, I was reviewing the list of books that I'd purchased and came across it. Realizing that I hadn't yet read it, I decided to give it a go.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail except to say that the book, in true Nicholas Sparks style is a love story. The main character, Miles, lost his wife in a hit and run accident, and he's raising his 7-year-old boy. He meets his son's teacher because she's concerned about the boy because he was barely able to read or write and she wants to give help if possible. The story is being told by a third-party narrator who switches back and forth between the telling of the story and his personal observations. The thing that I found absolutely just wow takes place at the very end of chapter ten when the narrator reveals a really shocking secret.
Bruce, Caroline

Podcast Update

Earlier this year I did one podcast, and then stopped. I've been meaning to pick it up again, but this thing called life sort of got in the way. I have plans to get back into it shortly though. My current microphone is pretty crappy for recording though, so I'm waiting to get a new one. I still have an idea for a series that I'd like to do, however I still don't want to reveal just what that is going to involve yet other than to say that I believe there will be many people who might find the information useful. I have also switched to a different host for Caroline's Kitty Corner, which means that my podcast script might not be useable anymore. This might involve a bit of work to get things going again, but I haven't given up, and I haven't forgotten.