January 19th, 2009

Bruce, Caroline

Monday Trivia

I went back to bed after doing this today. I have a headache and I'm dizzy, so posting totally just slipped my mind. 9/10 though, so that's not so bad. The questions are here.
Bruce, Caroline

Can Anyone Help Me, Please??????????

I'm hoping that someone can bale me out here. Somewhere out in my frozen garage is a box of recipe books, and they're completely out of my ability to get them. I have a headache and I'm just not feeling well, and all I really want right now is a nice bowl of mashed potatoes. I'm a cheater, so I've got instant ones here. The problem is, my book that has the table of ingredients and amounts for the instant mashed potatoes is among the missing. I'm hoping that someone out here might be able to give me information on water, milk, butter, salt, and all that good stuff so that I can make myself a bit of comfort food for probably either the 4 or 6 serving size. Thanks to anyone who can do this!!!!