April 17th, 2009

Bruce, Caroline

Friday Trivia

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday's trivia questions, but it looks as though a lot of you got it regardless. Watch out, some of today's questions are a little deceptive.
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Bruce, Caroline

I Had a Dream

And it was definitely something. In the dream, I was pregnant, and I'd
started going into labor. The house that I grew up in was somehow the
hospital, so I had this big kitchen area where I could entertain my
visitors. pawpower4me and lisasali were both there,
and we were playing cards. Then, I walked down the stairs because I was
almost ready to have the baby, and apparently the basement of my house was
where my hospital bed was. So I'm in bed, and a bunch of people that I used
to know from Milwaukee came in while the nurse was checking to see how far I
had dilated. For whatever reason though, I just couldn't feel any labor
pains other than a continuous sort of pressure, so I was thinking that labor
was really easy. Then I woke up.

Yeah, totally pointless, but most dreams that I have are. And, there was no
mention of a father in the dream, and I was even wondering how I'd managed
to get pregnant. It was just really odd. SMILE!!