April 20th, 2009

Bruce, Caroline

Bad Timing?

This just might be a classic case of you-just-had-to-be-there, but I don't
know for sure. So, I'll let you decide.

masterofmusings slept in this morning and I'd been up for about
two hours prior to his waking up. So, by default, this means that the cats
were up too. He's now been awake for about an hour by the time I get this

Anyone that knows him knows that he loves his Coke. He likes to have some in
the mornings like most people have their hamster spit ... (Coffee). So, we
were just sitting here and Cally started puking. With her this is rare, but
because she's such a large cat, her puking isn't exactly quiet and dainty.
So, for the first time, Bruce got to experience the joys of hearing my cat
puke. So, he was sitting here kind of being grossed out by the whole thing,
and my brain just kind of switched gears. Without thinking, I asked him if
he wanted a Coke. Then, I realized how bad the timing was. The cat's
throwing up, and here I am asking him about beverages.

Maybe you do just have to have been here, or maybe we just need to get a
life, but it was just hysterical to us.
Bruce, Caroline

Food and Thoughts

Well, there's been plenty of food over the past week. I did my chicken
cordon bleu last night, and although it didn't come out the way I'd
envisioned it, it was still really good.

Today masterofmusings and I went to the mall. I was surprised he
actually agreed to go first of all, but I was also really pleased with how
well things went overall. Since I just started my mobility lessons last
week, I only had one time going through the mall, and we covered a lot of
territory in a short period of time. But, I only made one mistake this
morning, and it was a minor one. I walked into a nail shop instead of the
Payless shoe store. And, If that's my only problem, I can most definitely
deal with that. Typically, I'm able to remember routes after one or two
times going over them, and because I knew I'd be guiding Bruce today I
really tried hard last week to remember the things that she told me during
my lesson. After six months here, it's just so nice to finally be able to
start learning about the things around me!!! We hit the shoe store so that I
could get a better pair of walking shoes, and I think I found a good pair.
There was one pair I liked a bit better, but they had one that was too big
and one that was just a bit too small, and the exact size I needed they were
out of. So, this other pair will do, and they were $10 cheaper. We went to
Radio Shack after that because I was
really hoping to find a weather radio. I wasn't overly thrilled with the one
they showed me, although time may wear me down but I don't know. We finished
off at the food court where I picked us up food from Taco Johns. This particular Taco Johns
didn't have the best food, but the potato oles were, true to form, extremely
good, and I got some nacho cheese dipping sauce for them and they were

And now, totally on a different note, more mobility talk. Another thing we
worked on briefly last week was walking to the bus stop. We never actually
made it to the stop though because it was so muddy, but we talked about a
couple of different ways I could get out of my complex and onto the
sidewalk. It may sound really crazy to some of you, but not even knowing
where the sidewalk was outside my building really frustrated me because I
just felt like I was trapped here.

Several weeks ago I wrote about the clinic that was in the mall, and how I
really didn't want to go to that one because it was new and I didn't know
how I was going to get in, so on and so forth. Well, now I'm seriously
considering switching to that clinic. Now that I know how close the bus stop
is to my place, and that particular bus goes directly to the mall, (and to
the correct door), it would be incredibly convenient for me. There's a
pharmacy there, and the only truly annoying thing is that I'd have to get my
prescription switched over. The clinic itself is linked with the other
clinic, but the pharmacies aren't. But, it still seems like a really nice
idea. And besides, it'd give me a chance to do any shopping that I might
need to do. Shopping? Haahaa. Nice thought though. GRIN!!

I kind of went on a ramble here but since I can, I will. I did say thoughts
after all. But, now for a bit more food talk.

Bruce has been asking me for almost ever, (since I can't remember when he
first asked me), for a turkey dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, so
on and so forth. I've never cooked a turkey in my life, and I don't plan to
start now, but I've got the next best thing. I found a 3-pound all-white
meat frozen turkey breast that I plan to do in the crock pot. I'm kind of
improvising on the recipe, and doing a mixture of a few different ones that
I've seen. I've got a can of chicken broth, and, if I can figure out which
thing it is, I also bought poultry seasoning. So, my plan is to give it
seasoning, and then let it cook in the chicken broth all day tomorrow. This
is going to be rather tormenting for us, but somehow we'll survive.

For the mashed potatoes, I found an interesting recipe. Bruce and I tried
sweet potato fries for the first time a couple of months ago and thought
they were absolutely amazing. He's always wanted to try sweet potatoes. I've
had both good and bad experiences with them, but I've discovered that, when
done correctly, they apparently can be good. So, this recipe, (which I'll
attempt to post at some point), is a mixture of regular potatoes and sweet
potato. It sounded really interesting, so that's what I'm going to do. I
also have a box of stove-top cornbread stuffing, and one more thing that I
can't write about yet because he doesn't know about it. But, to me, it's a
really important part of a turkey dinner and I can't believe that he forgot
it. And no, it's not cranberries because I just remembered those now.

Tomorrow I also was thinking about making up that chocolate cherry cake
again, but we've still got some banana bread left and I don't want to have
too much stuff sitting around.

On Wednesday, we're getting together with my friend and her husband, and
we're going to be going to Ruby
again. Both of us decided that because the food that we had
last week was so good that we didn't mind going again. Last time I had a
steak, so maybe this time I'll go for a burger, but who knows.

I'm still waiting for the massive entry that I know Bruce will probably be
writing at some point, but for now this is kind of a summary. For those of
you who are crazy enough to be following me on Twitter, you've gotten more bits and
pieces, but this is just more detail.