September 4th, 2009

Bruce, Caroline

Friday Trivia

It's really humid in my apartment right now, and the wind is from the wrong
direction, so sleeping last night was a bit on the uncomfortable side. I
thought about turning the air conditioning back on, but it was in the 50s,
and somehow that just seems wrong. But, given the uncomfortable night, and
the fact that some of these questions were just out there, I'm very happy
with my 7/10. If anyone misses number 10 I'm truly going to be concerned
though. GRIN!!!! Here
are today's questions
Bruce, Caroline

It's Time for Another Food Experiment

I mentioned this on Twitter this morning, and wanted to talk about it here
where I can expand things a bit.

About a year and a half ago, I was given this absolutely fabulous recipe for
cream cheese and bacon crescents. (Ah, yet another recipe I need to add to
my recipe
). Since then, I've been thinking of other things that I could wrap
up and bake inside crescent rolls. I tried it with sausage, and although it
worked reasonably well, the sausage made it really greasy, so the next time
I do that I'll be cooking the sausage first before wrapping it in the
crescent. The thing about these crescent rolls is that they're so incredibly
versatile, so you can use them for almost anything. This brings me to my
latest idea.

I need something new. I'm getting bored with the same old stuff time after
time, so I'm going to change things up a bit. I've got a grocery order that
I'm about to submit for delivery. My idea for this particular meal is to
take a couple of cans of the big buttery crescent rolls, (big ones because
they'll take more filling), and stuff them with cubed ham, diced hashbrowns,
cheese, and, just to spice things up a bit and add a little bit of extra
flavor, a touch of Ancho Chipotle Ranch Dressing. I've never tried this
dressing before, but after browsing through the different sauce ideas, and
putting out the question on Twitter, this is what I've decided on. The trick
is to get enough dressing so that there's flavor without making it too
saucy. So, I'll mix this stuff together and then fill and roll the crescent
rolls before baking. Everything's pretty much pre-cooked because I'm
cheating, especially with the ham, which is already cut up into little cubes
for me.

I got this idea from masterofmusings, who gets these rolls from
time to time and they're stuffed with ham or other meats. I figure this is
pretty similar, so I'm going to give it a try. I like to experiment this
way, so I'm looking forward to trying this one. I suspect it'll happen
sometime over the long weekend so that I can eat this stuff while it's