April 13th, 2010

Bruce, Caroline

Some Days!!!

If you don't feel like reading a bit of a rant, skip this entry. And now
that you've been warned, here goes.

I'm turning into a complete crab today and I know it. First, I was
supposed to bring masterofmusings's netbook to work with me
this morning so that I could pass it off to a tech guy who was going to
have a look at it since it's messed up. I put it where I wouldn't forget
it, yet I did. That in itself shouldn't be such a big deal. The problem
is, I don't have the guy's number here to call him, and I have no way of
even having Bruce access it from home. So, at this point, I can't even
call the guy to let him know that he doesn't need to stop by here to
pick it up. And, I can't even get anyone here to look for the number in
the phone book because everyone's either away from their desks or on the

Then, there's the matter of CD burning. I've been doing it here since I
started this job and had no problems. Lately though, several of the
disks that I've burned have been unreadable. We were supposed to try a
new method, which I did, and it didn't make a difference. I'm not doing
anything wrong; and someone even watched me yesterday to see if I was
missing something. So today I get an email asking me if my JAWS and/or
other software could be the reason for the problem. I get so sick of
trying to convince people that JAWS isn't the cause for all bad things
relating to computers. So, once again, access tech is being falsely
accused of being the problem when it's most likely either a faulty
burner or a dirty laser.

Finally, I wish people would just do their jobs. Someone came up to me
this morning to let me know that a lot of unrepresented claimant
mailings are coming back undeliverable. This is something that I can't
verify unless the new address has been updated in one program, since the
place where they seem to be doing the updating has images of documents,
which I am unable to read. I attempt to call these claimants, but if
their phone numbers don't work, there's nothing I can do. But, because
the people giving me the lists haven't taken the time to make sure that
the information I'm working with is up-to-date, I'm the one who gets to
take the fall. If these claimants don't get their notices, their cases
get dismissed. Ultimately, who's the person responsible? I'm suspecting
that it'd be me.

So basically, that's been my entire day so far, and I've only been awake
for about 4 hours. I've got 45 minutes to get in touch with the computer
guy, and it's not looking very promising. All I know is, this day had
better improve because right now pretty much nothing has gone right,
other than the fact that Bruce is at home waiting for me.
Bruce, Caroline

Cell Phones and Seatbelts

The short version. Talking on a cell phone while driving should be illegal,
and wearing a seatbelt truly can be of benefit.

So, what's up with this? Two real entries from me in one day? The world must
truly be coming to an end! GRIN! But, I wanted to write about something else
that happened to me this afternoon. And no, this time this isn't a rant.

After the morning I'd had, things did improve. But, I decided to take a
couple of hours off kind of as a mental health afternoon, so I canceled my
Para-transit and scheduled a time-order cab. The cab came right on time, and
we started toward home. A couple of blocks from work, we stopped at a light.
The light changed and the driver started forward, only to slam on the breaks
almost immediately. I heard our tires squeal, followed by another set of
tires just outside my window. The force of the quick stop forced me forward
in my seat, and the safety kicked in on my seatbelt. I'm already feeling
rather sore in my neck and upper back from the force.

We just kind of sat there for a couple of seconds, and then my driver
started moving again. He told me that a couple of young girls were talking
on a cell phone and weren't watching the road. We came extremely close to
being broadsided, and I would have been the one to take the hit. This is the
closest I've ever come to any sort of collision-type accident, and I saw
firsthand how the seatbelt can really be a good thing. It was also brought
home to me just how dangerous it truly can be to drive while talking on a
cell phone. Things turned out fine, but things don't always end this way.