June 21st, 2010

Bruce, Caroline

IBill Adventures

First of all, I just have to say, I'm really liking my IBill. It's
small, and I've had 100 percent accuracy every time I've used it since I
got it in April. Today though, I had an interesting experience.

On Friday I forgot to book my Para-transit trips for work this week. The
only day that turned out to be a problem was today, but I had to take a
cab so that I could get here, and I have since booked my trips for the
rest of the week. My cab came and I ended up talking with the driver the
entire way about sports; (something that bores me to no end, so he did
most of the talking). When we pulled up in front of the entrance to my
building, he told me that my fare was $14.00. I pulled out a $20 bill
and asked him to give me $5.00 back. He asked me how I knew what money
was what, and I told him about folding money. Then, on a whim, when he
gave me back my change, I pulled out my IBill and showed it to him. I
was really surprised when I put what he'd given me in and heard that it
was $1. I told him that I'd asked for $5 back. He apologized and said
that he'd been thinking about the dollar extra that I'd given him rather
than my change. He seemed truly apologetic, and gave me the $5 that I'd
asked for. I tested it and the IBill confirmed that it really was $5.

I'm going to make the assumption that he truly did make an honest
mistake rather than jumping to the conclusion that he was trying to
cheat me out of $4. But, whether he was being honest or not, I suspect
that if he ever did get the urge to try to cheat a blind person he'll
think back to this incident and think twice about it. If I hadn't chosen
to show him the IBill this morning I would have left thinking that the
bill I had there was a 5, and even if it was a mistake, mistakes like
that add up fast. So, I'm really glad that things worked out well in the
end, and that I really was able to use the IBill for verification
purposes and managed to catch an error before it was too late.