January 25th, 2011

Bruce, Caroline

What a Day!

I normally don't make my work posts public, but now that I've set up an
auto-post from my LJ to Facebook, I want this post to go out onto
Facebook. So, a public entry.

I'm completely and totally behind and off my normal routine today. I got
picked up as usual this morning at 6:45, and rode Para-transit for well
over an hour. I got a fabulous tour of West Fargo, Fargo, and some other
nearby towns, got to listen to a guy's top 15 list of dogs that he
wishes that he could own, and signed into work this morning at 8:09,
almost a half hour late. Despite this crazy fact, and the fact that I
now have to stay late to make up the time, this has actually been a
fabulous day! The Para-transit incident is not normal, and the person
who caused the problem was truly apologetic. She put me on the wrong
route accidentally, and had no problem changing my return ride to 5:00
PM. As for being late, that's not a problem either since I can do flex
hours. Basically, as long as I'm here 8.5 hours a day, it really doesn't
matter what time I get here and leave. I really like to get here by
about 7:15, which gives me the opportunity to put in an extra half hour
a day. That half hour translates into credit hours, which means more
time off for me. Credit hours definitely aren't happening today. The
latest I can get here and still make my scheduled afternoon pick-up
though is 7:45.

So, why, after all this craziness, is today still such a good one? Well,
two reasons. First, I've been working on the biggest project I've had
yet in my entire time here. It was a list of around 150 names, and they
all needed to be scheduled for hearings over a five-week time period.
When I started working my way through the list I didn't think I'd ever
make it through! Then, last Friday afternoon not too long before I left,
I resorted my list and discovered some names that I'd missed. It wasn't
the best way to end my Friday. But, yesterday I managed to get through
the extra names, and today I finished getting all the names into time
slots. I still have to do a lot with this project; entering the hearings
into our system, sending out hearing notices, uploading resumes and
exhibiting documents, and burning CD's, but I'm still absolutely
thrilled because, to me, the scheduling process is what I find the most
taxing on my little old brain because of the juggling that sometimes has
to be done to make things work. So, I'm really excited and all that good
stuff to have that part done and out of the way.

The second reason why this is turning out to be a great day is the fact
that I'm going to be getting a Braille embosser here in the office! It's
something that I've wanted for a while now, but I didn't really pursue
it because those things are so loud. I haven't wanted to put my
co-workers through the noise of this, so I've been doing a lot of manual
copying of information in order to get things done. Having the embosser
is going to save me so much time. I brought it up to my supervisor last
week and explained how it would help me, but that I was concerned about
the noise so didn't push for it. Yesterday, she came to me and told me
to fill out the Reasonable Accommodations form, that they'd find a way
to make it work, even if it meant drilling a hole in a wall to string a
cable. This morning I received an email from my supervisor's supervisor
informing me that the request had been approved and that we'd have a
ship date later this week. This is a process that can take up to 30 days
for approval, so I'm extremely thrilled that my request was basically
filled overnight. Needless to say, I can't wait!!!!!

Anyway, I suppose I should really send this and get back to what I was
doing, but I just had to write about all this.