Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

So Cold!!!!!!

I'm really super cold right now. My heat setting is no lower than it normally is, but my fingers are so cold right now that typing is difficult. Currently, it's 17 below 0 (27 below if you like that Celsius thing). Add the wind chill to that and I've got 35 below, (or 37 below Celsius). I'm still not taking any comfort in the fact that Winnipeg is actually not as cold as I am for a change, and it appears that that trend is going to continue throughout the weekend. I really hate to turn up the heat, partly because this thermostat seems to be incredibly touchy, and partly because I can pretty much guaranty that if I turn up the heat now, in a matter of hours I'm going to be roasting. But, blankets and the cats just aren't doing it right now, so I think I'm just going to turn up the heat.

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