Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Poor Poor Kitties!!!!

When doing my grocery shopping, I try really hard to get the things I like, but also something different from time to time to keep things interesting. In last week's delivery it was tuna. shazza59, I'm sure you're proud of me. GRIN!! So, for my lunch today I decided to have tuna sandwiches. Tuna is the only fish I'll touch, and I mix it with a large amount of Miracle Whip for added flavor. I knew that once I opened the can though, the cats would be all over me, and I definitely wasn't wrong. I decided today not to share with them though. I ate my food and put the rest into the fridge. At this point though, Cally is off sulking somewhere, and Taz is screaming bloody murder at me, acting like the world has ended because he's smelling tuna that he can't have. I suppose it could be said that I'm cruel, but it was my food!!!! GRIN!! You gotta love cats though!

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