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I'm sitting here trying to come up with something mildly exciting to do, and
I'm just not having any luck. It didn't take very long after returning home
this time for the restlessness to set in for me. I suppose the good news
though is that I've finally gotten my acceptance letter informing me that
I've been approved for rehab services. That thrilled me on Sunday, and then
when I called yesterday I discovered that the person I'm supposed to meet
with is out of the office until Thursday. Even though I know I'm still going
to be able to have the meeting, it was still kind of a let-down. I just want
to be able to get out of here and do things, but that requires money, and
money is a bit short right now, and will remain so until I find a job.

Speaking of money though, I've been impressed with some of the costs here in
ND. My electric bill, (which I never actually saw until Sunday since I
wasn't receiving them for whatever reason), is averaging about $24 a month.
I just about flipped!! I'm running my computer pretty much 24 hours a day,
and although it doesn't draw much power it's still something. Then of course
there's the fridge. What I really thought would bring the price up though
was the washer and dryer. My dryer has a very unique feature that keeps it
from drying clothes until the third or fourth cycle, so I thought for sure
it'd cost me a fortune to run the thing. Management was in here looking at
the dryer a couple of weeks ago, and we hoped that they'd corrected the
problem, but I guess not so I'll be calling back after I try my dishwasher.
Speaking of that, there's another thing that normally seems to draw quite a
lot of power. So, I'm definitely not going to complain. But, it's things
like this that make me glad I moved. SMILE!!!

It's almost March, and March means Spring. I think Spring has become my
favorite season, not necessarily because of the weather, which can be rather
unpredictable at best, but because I guess I associate Spring with good
things -- new things -- starting over. I think it's partly just because
winter is so long, and the fact that I can start hearing birds again, open
the windows, breathe outside air, stuff like that. This year I also hope it
brings other things even with the low economy, such as a job, even if it's
only part-time, and the chance to get out of here and go places once I'm
able to get some orientation and mobility training. So, bring on the

The kitties are still the same as always. They've been extra clingy
recently, but I'm sure part of that is due to my being gone so often.
They're going to have me around for a while now though because at this point
I have no travel plans until May. They're both snuggling with me on the
couch right now, and being extremely lazy. Who can blame them? SMILE!!

There was something else I was going to write about, but for the life of me
now I can't remember what it was. I see that both masterofmusings and I were tagged to answer some questions, and I'll
be doing that soon. In the meantime though, I need to decide if there's
anything else I want to add to my grocery list before I place the order and
select my delivery time.

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