Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

The Attack of the Killer Groceries

Or Subtitled: Burritos and How Not to Store Them.

This is the name of my newest book, available in many toilet stalls near you
starting on Someday, February 30th, 2009. The cast of characters includes
yours truly and her toes, a very frustrating refrigerator, and, of course,
the killer groceries. The plot is simple; or it should be anyway.

The Opening Scene

A very elderly man is standing in the entry area of an apartment building
pressing an intercom button. Yours Truly is in the kitchen loading the
dishwasher when the buzzer sounds. The man enters, food gets deposited, the
man leaves. All very innocent. What he doesn't realize, and what Yours Truly
is soon to discover, is that the harmless-looking burritos that were
delivered were evil, and would soon begin jumping out of the annoying fridge
and landing on Yours Truly's poor unsuspecting toes.

Questions and Cliff-Hanger

Can Yours Truly overcome the jumping burritos and get them all to stay in
their proper place in the annoying fridge? Do Yours Truly's toes ever get
back to normal after being attacked repeatedly by frozen food? Does Yours
Truly's boyfriend, (unmentioned in the cast of characters), ever regain
consciousness after being knocked out when he laughed at Yours Truly? Pick
up your copy on February 30th and read the exciting conclusion to the

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