Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

I Don't Understand Myself Sometimes

I like to make things easy on myself, but sometimes I just don't think
things through.

Today I'm talking about food. When it comes to cooking for one, it really
sucks. So, I've been trying to come up with quick things that I can eat for
lunch that won't take very long, and that won't cause me to waste too much
of my precious energy. (I know, I'm extremely lazy right now.) So, I've been
eating a lot of burritos. Fifteen minutes to preheat the oven, grab some out
of the freezer and slap them on a cookie sheet. Twenty minutes later, nice
hot food. Easy, right? Absolutely. But, we're talking over a half hour for a
simple meal. Today I decided to have a hamburger. I pulled out the frying
pan, put it onto a burner and started heating the pan. A little bit of A1
Steak Sauce in the bottom of the pan for flavor, and then I slapped a frozen
hamburger patty into the pan. Five minutes later I flipped the burger, and
five minutes or so after that I had a very good burger. A bun and a bit more
steak sauce and it made a great meal, with just as little effort on my part.
So why is it that when I'm hungry, that I'd opt for a 35-minute meal over a
ten-minute one? Who knows, but that was one fabulous burger I just had!!!! I
don't always have luck with the store-bought frozen patties, but these are
ones that I'll definitely be buying again.

Last night I made a meal of my own invention. Basically, it's a taco
casserole. I use hamburger, taco seasoning, refried beans, sour cream,
cheese, taco chips, and, my most recent addition, taco sauce. It's been
years since I made it, and I thought it was about time I did it again. This
gives me left-overs for tonight, and if I'm lucky, even tomorrow. Saturday
I'm going to be doing a beef roast in the crock pot. I found a recipe that I
shared with some of you, and the reviews have been great, so now it's my
turn. I'll also be making a potato dish to go with it, and I'll post both of
those recipes for people who might be interested. pawpower4me
this is the potato recipe I sent you last year.

So, that's my excitement, and now I'm going away. Later!


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