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Bad Hair Day?

Okay, so it's time for another picture. Earlier today a friend of mine came over to help me reapply my color for my hair. My natural color, (minus the increasingly popular grey), is a very dark brown. Lately I've been gravitating toward some sort of red color. as it was being applied though, my friend couldn't resist pointing out to me that it looked purple. I figured it'd be kind of cool to get a picture of my hair in this strange situation. So, to make the picture even more interesting, after she was done applying the color she ran her fingers through my hair until it was standing straight on end. Since my hair is quite short this really wasn't very hard to do. She took two pictures, one from the front, and one from the side. If things didn't get screwed up, the picture I chose to post here is the side shot since it captures so well the spiked purple hair style that I temporarily adopted today. Caroline the punk rocker! Hmm. I don't think so. SMILE!

Oh, and to make matters worse, she said they'd make great blackmale pictures. I said that it'd be a cold day before I'd email them to her so she pulled out her camera and took some of her own. So much for that. GRIN!!!!

Bad Hair Day; Side Shot Bad Hair Day; Side Shot

Dye job Caroline with spike hair before dye was washed out

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