Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Strange Question for Dog Owners

Okay. Just a few minutes ago, Taz threw up and I need to go clean things up.
This made me think though, and it's probably going to sound crazy, but I've
got a question. Someone wrote last night that their dog had projectile
vomited. What I'm wondering is, how do you clean something like that up? I
mean, with my cats, it's typically all in one place, and once I find the
pile with my feet I'm able to get rid of it. But, if you've got a big dog
who's throwing up, and it's going everywhere, how do you find it all? I'm
just curious to know how that works, and I'm not trying to criticize at all.
It's just one of those random thoughts that I get from time to time. And
now, time to go on puke patrol.

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