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I don't have too much to write about at this point, but I'm sitting here with nothing to do so I thought I'd post. One thing of note is that my U3 drive arrived yesterday. I was totally surprised because I really wasn't expecting it until tomorrow and that's what it said on the FedEx web site. I was disappointed in one thing. I mentioned that Winamp has a U3 version. I went to get it and it's listed as trial software. So I don't know if it's going to expire or not work completely or what so I didn't even bother to get it. Other than that though, it's really neat. The control panel software is accessible (which to me is absolutely amazing in itself), and when I plug it in to a machine Freedom Box System Access comes up speaking right away. This is going to be really nice on machines that have no access tech!

Today was a mellow day. I reworked my Dell audio file this afternoon to remove all references to Dell. I took out some of the extra little pauses and turned the volume down just a tad on the fanfare. Other than that, its original content is still there word for word.

Well, I'm going to be brief tonight. I don't have anything else to say, and I want to go relax and snuggle with the kitties or something.
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