Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Taxes Once Again

Well, others have written about how they did their taxes, or are going to be
doing their taxes, or whatever. I did mine last Monday. Unlike last year,
I'm getting a refund!!!!! The Federal part will be direct deposited into my
account this coming Friday, and the state part, well, it'll come when it
comes. I couldn't get a date.

As always, I used Taxact Online to
file electronically without having to deal with the actual forms and their
unclear questions. I don't have stocks and bonds and all that happy stuff so
my taxes are pretty easy. The most difficult part this time around, (and it
wasn't really difficult, just time-consuming), was that I had to fill out
two state returns; one for Wisconsin and one for North Dakota. With a
partial state residence they ask all kinds of questions about whether you
plan to move back to the previous state, how long you've been gone, and how
much garbage you took out last Friday. Okay, so maybe not the garbage
question, but with everything they asked, they may as well have. SMILE! But,
it's done, and I can sit back on April 15th knowing that I have done my duty
as a formerly employed person and filled out my taxes. The one and only
advantage of not working is that if I don't get a job, I won't have to file
next year. But, at the same time, I kind of enjoy filing. I really feel a
sense of accomplishment when I hit that final submit button, knowing that
it's done, but maybe more important, that I did it myself. And, that feeling
hasn't lessened over the years that I've done it. And, let's not forget to
mention the fact that despite the advantage of not working, I'd definitely
much rather have to fill things out next year.

But anyway, if the most exciting thing I have to talk about is paying my
taxes, I think it's time for me to go away for the time being. I just
realized earlier that I hadn't made my usual tax-payment announcement, so I
wanted to come in and join with those who have things out of the way as

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