Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Where Is My Head?

I wish Mondays just didn't exist. Today was one of those days when i wish I could have just stayed in bed. It's been raining all day, so it's really gloomy outside, and that definitely doesn't help much.

It started off small. For whatever reason, I completely forgot to shower, so I put on my clothes and was sitting here working on my machine when I realized that I hadn't showered. Okay, so I took care of that little problem. SMILE! (Don't ask me why I forgot about that, it's totally not like me.)

After the shower I decided that it was time to start working on my hand-out for the class I was starting today on RSS and Podcasts. (This would be retrieving and listening to podcasts, not creating them since I can't seem to get even one done myself. SMILE!) Using K1000 I went to the Wikipedia site to look up a brief definition of RSS. I've used them before, but I've never actually had a really good reason before. They didn't let me down. I decided to use their article for my hand-out, so I sent it into Duxbury to format it for embossing. The first import was terrible. It was missing chunks of lines that I was having to write in manually, and it had no paragraph breaks. I figured that at that rate I was going to be at it all day so I sort of started over. I copied and pasted the article from K1000 into Duxbury and it worked much better. I still had to go through the document though and insert the codes so that it would look good. Unfortunately, I came to one spot that needed to be formatted in total computer braille with a couple of exceptions. It was a representation of what you would see if you tried to read a XML RSS formatted document without using the correct software, and it had lots of links, text, and other things. I think I managed to get it the way I wanted though, but it was too late to get it embossed before I had to leave. The whole thing ended up being about 33 pages, (I use the narrow width paper because it fits much better into binders), and there was more i wanted to put in, so it just wasn't ready.

So then it came time for class. All day I had been thinking about RSS, but when it actually came time for class I couldn't get my mind off of Juice. So, instead of having them download Feedreader, everyone downloaded and installed Juice. I couldn't figure out why none of the subscribed feeds were working and then it hit me. So, as I'm sitting there, beating my head against the wall, (okay, so not really), I was thinking that it was really time to go back home and crawl back into bed. My next class is Thursday, and I'm going to install Feedreader before everyone gets there so that I don't waste any more of their time. Yes, we will need Juice, but not just yet.

Tomorrow I'm going into the office again to configure three desktop systems. I'm getting picked up at 7:30. I'm excited though, because tomorrow night a bunch of us are going to be going to an Italian restaurant! The pasta is just calling my name!!!!!!

Well, I'm going to post this and go do something unconstructive. Maybe I'll grab a glass of ... A glass of ... Oh well, I'll think of something.
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