Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Almost Time

After my post of yesterday I wanted to write again and let people know what
I decided to do. I'm taking the appointment at the other clinic and that'll
be in about three hours from now. And, after talking to someone at
Para-transit, I'm also just going to take the regular Para-transit service.
Apparently the clinic is immediately inside the mall door, so the driver
should be able to get me pretty much to the right area. I just can't wait
until Friday. Thanks for all the comments yesterday, and sorry I didn't
reply to all of you. I definitely found the comment from ginger_biscuit to be helpful, and what you describe sounds so
incredibly familiar!!!!!! At this point I'll do almost anything to deal with
this stuff!!!

Anyway, I need to make a phone call, but I wanted to post a quick update.
I'll post more later once I have something more to say.

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