Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Oatmeal in the Crock Pot?

So, yesterday I mentioned that I made oatmeal in my crock pot. I got the
recipe off of the what_a_crock community. This is a fairly busy
community, but there are some truly amazing recipes that go around on there,
and I'm really glad that shazza59 mentioned it.

In any case though, I was going to post the recipe here, but since it
appears to be a person's actual creation, I don't want to cause any
problems, so instead of posting it, I'll just tell you where to go to find
it. Oh yeah, and, the oatmeal came out great!!!!! So, first, the oatmeal
, and now for my story that goes with it.

I was talking with masterofmusings while putting this together,
so he got to experience this firsthand. I decided that I was going to double
the recipe so that I'd have something to eat off of for a couple of days. No
problem, even for a mathaphobe like myself. Unfortunately, I made one little
error. I looked at the amount of brown sugar and doubled it. I walked back
into my kitchen to start measuring, and immediately forgot that I'd doubled
it already, so assumed that the amount I was thinking of was the original
amount. Yes, this means that I doubled it again. Fortunately though, I think
this only added to the incredible flavor, and it all worked out. But, the
lesson learned here is, if you know what's good for you, don't ever ask me
to help you with a math problem. GRIN!!!

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