Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Another Me Update

I've been meaning to drop in and write a quick update since Wednesday and it
just hasn't happened. But, here I am now.

My worries about this other clinic ended up being no big deal at all. In
fact, once I learn the bus system here, I'm thinking of switching to that
clinic since the bus stops pretty much right in front of the mall door, and
the clinic and pharmacy is just inside the door. It's really super easy, and
I was glad about how easy it ended up being.

The appointment was your typical doctor appointment. She poked and prodded
my stomach which definitely didn't feel good at all. But, as many of you
suggested, she was concerned about gallbladder. She had them draw blood, and
I haven't heard anything yet about those results. The soonest I could get in
for an ultrasound is the 30th though, so I'm just sort of counting down the
days for that. I'm taking some meds, and maybe they help a little but it's
kind of hard to know at the moment. The thing is, I'm allergic to
Aspirin-based products, and she doesn't want me taking anything with
Tylenol, so there's very little I can take. I'm still not completely
comfortable, but the past couple of nights have been good, and that's helped
I think to make the days go better.

That's about all I can say for now, but I'm just hoping that this next week
goes quickly so I can maybe get some answers.

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