Caroline (kittytech) wrote,


It's Friday night and I've been feeling lousy all day today. The ultrasound
is supposed to happen on Monday, but yesterday Para-transit called to inform
me that due to the flooding they won't be taking me to my appointment. Okay,
so today I decided to take a cab and just see if I could hit an ATM before
heading back home since I don't have the $24 in cash that I'd need for the
round-trip fare and the cab company doesn't take plastic. masterofmusings suggested that I call the hospital this evening to
see if they have an ATM and I'm glad of his suggestion. Turns out that,
again, due to flooding, the hospital isn't going to even be open on Monday.
I'm so glad I was kept informed. I called my clinic and was given the number
for radiology. On their voicemail it states that appointments for Friday
have been cancelled, nothing about Monday as of yet. So, I have to call
Monday morning to see if I'm going anywhere or not. If not, there's no
telling how long I'm going to have to wait to get in. So now that I've
whined and complained, I'm out.

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