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New Revampped School Week

I see so many problems with the following article, I just don't even know where to start. It seems that kids already have too much free time to get themselves into things without giving them continuous three-day weekends. Plus, what about parents who have to provide childcare for the days off for younger kids? What about the kids themselves? I remember sitting in school and trying to digest everything the teachers were talking about. By the end of the day my brain was mush. They want to make kids sit even longer during the days they are in school? I predict increases in drug-dependent kids because teachers will claim that they're ADHD because they can't sit through a 10-hour school day. Okay, so I guess I just feel this is wrong on so many levels.

Blackduck schools approve 4-day week
Associated Press, Published Wednesday, April 08, 2009
BLACKDUCK, Minn. (AP) — Students in the Blackduck school district in northwestern Minnesota are closer to going to class only four days a week.
The school board approved the cost-cutting move on a 5-1 vote on Monday. If the state Department of Education approves, the new schedule will start in the next school year.
To make up the lost time, Superintendent Bob Doetsch says the district set up a tentative schedule to lengthen each school day. As of now, Monday is the favored day off.
Doetsch says the district needs the savings of the shorter week because he expects big cuts in state funding for the district.
The savings would come from lower costs for transportation, fuel, cooks, janitors, food and substitute teachers.
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