Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

More Crock Pot Fun

Tomorrow I want to make Cheesy
Crock Pot Chicken
. Unfortunately, before I can actually do this, I
needed to wash out my crock from the last time I used it. Little did I know
that this was going to be an interesting task. Yesterday though, I saw a
post in the what_a_crock community by cozyjeans
asking about stuck-on food. Her timing for this couldn't have been better,
and my crock is currently sitting in my sink with a bounce dryer sheet and
extremely hot water. There were lots of tips for getting things clean, and
the actual entry can be found here if
anyone else ever finds themselves in need of a good set of cleaning tips.
This community is truly busy, but I've gotten some really good stuff from it
so it's been worth it to me. Now, let's see if the dryer sheet does what
it's supposed to do. I've been wanting this chicken for a few weeks now, and
the thought of serving it over rice just makes me hungry!!! And no, dahlia_and_balu, chances are pretty good that I won't be adding any
evil vegetables except for maybe some cornand/or mushrooms, which some
people don't consider to be vegetables anyway. GRIN!!!

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