Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Just When You Think You're Safe ..

You get another post from me. Seriously though, over the past few days
they've been talking about the fact that Fargo is about to be hit again with
another round of record-level flooding. I truly appreciate the friendliness
of North Dakotans, and their willingness to except this cheesehead into
their midst, but really, this flooding stuff is just a bit much. I thought
all big things were supposed to happen in Texas. GRIN!! We had 79.7 inches
of snowfall this winter and the average is about 44 inches. The Red River
crested at 40.8 feet, and is now down to 31 feet and some inches. It is
expected to drop until I believe Monday, and then it's going to start to
rise once again. The National Weather Service originally was predicting a
crest even higher than our first one, but recent predictions are between 40
and 41 feet with potentially higher readings in some areas. I'm still
confident that I'm not going to run into any further flooding here, but as
much as I joke about it, this is truly not a pleasant situation. Living in
Milwaukee, I was pretty much oblivious to most weather-type things with the
most serious things being either thunder storms or snow. Here though, things
are different, and It's definitely a wake-up call for me.

Several people have asked me if I regret leaving Wisconsin after all that's
happened in the last six months, and I honestly have to say no. Despite
everything; the flood last November, the move to an apartment where I've
been feeling isolated, all the snow, and now the flooding, overall, this is
turning out to be a great experience. I've started meeting some people, I'm
hoping to do more with the NDAB, and I
think that I'm finally starting to see this apartment as home. So, although
Wisconsin has been my home since the day I was born, I think that moving
here was still the best choice I could have made given my circumstances.

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