Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

A Time of Reflection

I knew I'd been writing for a while, and I knew I'd started officially last September, but I couldn't exactly remember the date. I just went and looked back at my original blog and discovered that my first real entry was posted on June 4, 2005. So, after two moves, and just a little bit more than a year, I'm still here. It's really weird to look back at my old entries and see what I was doing a year ago. For instance, on this day one year ago I was moving my computer and things into our spare bedroom in preparation for making it into a home office. Wow! I knew that anniversary was coming up too, and it's here. It's going to be neat to start looking back over these entries as I continue to add things. But the coolest part is knowing that I've gotten to know other people that I wouldn't have gotten to know if I hadn't started doing this. I originally started because "everyone was doing it", and I read a couple of other people, namely puppybraille, Snowflake, and Sas at first, and they really inspired me to write myself. I kept thinking that they were doing it, and making it look really fun, so I wanted to experience it myself. Eventually I started reading more entries from other people. I still say that moving here to LJ was the best move yet, so I'll be around for a lot longer. I've picked up more readers along the way, and I've started reading other people as well. Reading comments from others has encouraged me to write also, and I love getting the feedback from my readers. I know I don't comment as much as I used to, but I can't count the number of times I started writing responses and then changed my mind, thinking that the response might sound really weird or whatever. Then there are the times when I've wanted to respond to someone's post but haven't because I just didn't know what to say. Of course those were probably the times when said poster needed the comments the most. SMILE!

I've really had fun for the past year though, and I'm glad everyone came along for the ride. For my long-time readers, thanks for sticking with me this long, and for my newer readers, I hope you'll stick around. Here's to another year!

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