Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Domesticity-like Stuff Today

So today I'm trying something new. I made this once before, several years
ago, but it's been a while. I've decided to make chicken cordon bleu for masterofmusings. I'm not using the frozen stuff either.

I got some really juicy large chicken breasts, (boneless of course), some
ham, and some cheese. It's not Swiss, but I don't like Swiss all that much,
so cheddar will be good enough.

I wanted to pound out the chicken a little bit to flatten it, but I don't
have a meat mallet, so unless someone knows of a substitute, I'll skip that
part. Then, I'll use the cheese and the ham, and wrap it up. I've got
toothpicks, and I know I'm going to need them for this. Finally, I'm going
to dip them in Italian-seasoned bread crumbs. Originally I was thinking
about shake-and-bake, which I also have here, but I kind of like the idea of
the bread crumbs better. I'll probably use a trick that someone showed me a
long time ago of dipping the chicken into a raw egg first and then rolling
it in the crumbs. It makes the crumbs stick better.

Once I get that going, the hard part starts. I'll have to make rice! It's
such a difficult task!!!! Take out the rice cooker, add water and rice,
cover, plug in, press the button, and walk away. I'm just not sure if I can
deal with the challenge!! SMILE!

So, that's our exciting meal for tonight. I can't wait!!

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