Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Bad Timing?

This just might be a classic case of you-just-had-to-be-there, but I don't
know for sure. So, I'll let you decide.

masterofmusings slept in this morning and I'd been up for about
two hours prior to his waking up. So, by default, this means that the cats
were up too. He's now been awake for about an hour by the time I get this

Anyone that knows him knows that he loves his Coke. He likes to have some in
the mornings like most people have their hamster spit ... (Coffee). So, we
were just sitting here and Cally started puking. With her this is rare, but
because she's such a large cat, her puking isn't exactly quiet and dainty.
So, for the first time, Bruce got to experience the joys of hearing my cat
puke. So, he was sitting here kind of being grossed out by the whole thing,
and my brain just kind of switched gears. Without thinking, I asked him if
he wanted a Coke. Then, I realized how bad the timing was. The cat's
throwing up, and here I am asking him about beverages.

Maybe you do just have to have been here, or maybe we just need to get a
life, but it was just hysterical to us.

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