Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Nothing Much

I know I've all ready posted two real entries today, but I've got about a half hour before going to bed, so wanted to kill some time talking about my weekend.

As you probably all ready figured out, I've spent a lot of time on the computer today. Aside from that, I caught up on The Young and Restless, which is pretty much a standard thing for me to do over the weekend since I rarely have time during the week to watch it, and did a little reading. I made vanilla shakes this afternoon as kind of a snack. (It would have been chocolate, but I didn't have the mix, and didn't think to add any of my own chocolate.) The vanilla was good though. Then I was feeling kind of putsy, so I had Jim pull down the food processor. i had it slice potatoes and grate cheese, and then I manually cut green beans that I picked up from a fresh produce stand. I mixed it all together with some hamburger and cream of mushroom soup and let it cook for a while. It really doesn't have a name, but it was filling so I guess it's all good. My feet are killing me now though; I guess I'll have to see how much they hate me come tomorrow morning. SMILE! I just have this thing with my food processor. I think it's really neat how it does all this stuff so fast! Talk about saving time!

Tomorrow I really need to finish putting together the rest of my hand-outs for my class. I have two more sessions, and then my next class is in October. I think it's advanced Microsoft Word, and I've done that one before so shouldn't need to do anything with that other than emboss the documents. I save absolutely everything, especially the hand-outs since I never know if I'll be teaching that class again or not. I really like the advanced Word class though because I'm teaching some really funky stuff in there. Mail merge is one of those things that totally gets them every time, but it's such a cool feature! I'm also a big believer in using correct Word styles because if you ever want to import Word documents for embossing in Duxbury, it saves quite a lot of time if you use the styles rather than traditional formatting. But nobody really asked me for a how-to in Word, so I'll shut up about that. SMILE! One thing I like to show people though in Excel is how to make the cells different colors. I was so bored one day several years back that I started with a single cell somewhere in the middle of the sheet. I changed the background color and left it blank. Then, in each cell around that center cell, I changed the background color to something else. i kept doing this until I had a ton of different color rings starting from the center and working my way out. It was really cool! Yes, I have very strange ways of wasting time.

So anyway, that's about it for now. It's time to spell-check and proof this entry so that I can post it, climb into bed, and read more books! Later everyone.

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