Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Yeah, and Another Thing ...

I'm restless, so therefore I'm doing random things, which means another post
from me. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but cooking for one
person truly sucks. I'm trying to decide what I want to eat, and everything
I'd like to have requires too much effort. Well, it's not so much the effort
that it requires as much as it truly is effort. I know, that doesn't make
sense, but I'll try to explain. Before I do though, I have to say once again
that I have absolutely wonderful management for this apartment building, and
the maintenance people are very quick to fix problems when they come up.
However, having said this, even these guys deserve a weekend off once in a

My original apartment, (which I still really miss), had a brand new toilet
that loved to bubble up and say howdy. In the 6 weeks or so that I lived
there, I think it overflowed at least every other week. I was beginning to
wonder if I was truly doing something wrong because I'd never had that kind
of thing happen to me before. In this apartment, other than the occasional
flap sticking, my toilet is working just fine. My stove though is a
completely different story.

When I first moved into this apartment, it was obvious that it wasn't ready
for me. This wasn't management's fault though since they hadn't planned to
have to evacuate 8 apartments and find new places for all of us. After my
first place though, this one was definitely a disappointment. The other one
had brand new carpet that smelled wonderful. This place has very frayed
carpet, and it smelled like someone had used it repeatedly for a toilet.
I've written before about the other differences, and since I'm actually not
complaining in this entry, I'll try to get back to my original point.

So, one of the biggest things that was a problem was my stove and oven. The
top of the oven was absolutely filthy!! It was covered in grease, and it
just smelled weird. Once reported, someone was in the next day to clean it
since that should have been done before I moved in anyway. The thing is,
this thing is ancient. The burners were on the verge of falling apart, and
when one was replaced about a month ago, the one they took out was starting
to corrode. So, it's obvious that this thing is old. It's also obvious to me
that the last people to live here didn't have a lot of respect for the
apartment or the appliances in it.

So, over the past 5 months, I've put in repeated requests for work on the
stove. The burners weren't sitting quite right, my favorite burner wouldn't
turn on at all, stuff like that. Finally, they replaced the burner in
question and I thought it had fixed the problem. Sadly though, I was wrong.

When this new burner turns on, it heats very well. Too well, actually. It
only seems to have one temperature; hot. The problem is, in order to get it
to turn on in the first place, I kind of have to jiggle it around and stuff.
But, it makes doing anything on the stove really frustrating. It's really
difficult to time things right, and I normally like to keep things fairly
low on the burner. I've got this wonderful electric skillet, and I've
started using that for most of my stove-top cooking, but there are still
some things that just have to be done on the stove. I just don't like
fighting with the burner every time I want to make something to eat.

I suspect something electrical with the entire unit, and I know that
management will do something about it. But, I reported it on Friday. My
manager came in and looked at it around 6:00 PM Friday night, and she agrees
with me that there is most definitely something wrong with the burner. But,
the weekend sort of got in the way of a fix. I suspect that maintenance will
be in sometime this afternoon to at least assess things, but in the
meantime, I feel as though my kitchen is taunting me. GRIN!!! I just don't
feel like fighting with the stupid thing every time I want to do something
on the stove, and because of the burner configuration, I really can't switch
to another burner, even temporarily.

In other news, I'm thrilled to death about something!!! Apparently in an
effort to cut down on junk and things ending up in the landfills or wherever
it is that stuff ends up, Fargo has set up this really neat web site. It's
kind of like a free Craig's List. You can post ads for things that you're
looking for, and/or things that you want to get rid of. Not too long ago, I
posted an ad stating that I was looking for a dining room table set. I
didn't want anything too big, but I've got a great dining room area in this
apartment, and I really wanted a real place to sit and eat. Today I got a
response from someone. He's a college student who's about to graduate, and
doesn't need the set anymore. It's a white tile topped table with wicker
bottom chairs. And, better yet, he's willing to deliver it to me. He's asked
for a few bucks for gas money, and to me this is more than reasonable since
he's willing to bring it to me. So, tomorrow afternoon, I'll be the proud
owner of a table, finally!!!! I know it probably sounds stupid, and it's
really a little thing, but to me it's all part of making this apartment into
a place that I can call home. It's happening slowly, but it is starting to
happen, and I'm really glad about that.


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