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Thoughts for Tuesday

Hey guys! Well, it's Tuesday evening, and for whatever reason, I'm in a really awesome mood! I've had two fairly busy days, and the rest of the week, (minus Friday), are going to be packed as well, but I'm really not stressing out about it. Maybe it's because I'm still sleeping tons better, so I'm not so tired at the end of the work day, and maybe it's just because. But, who cares! SMILE!

I was extremely glad to see johnmill79 posting again after his vacation. Yes, I did miss your entries on my friends page over the last several days. masterofmusings, good to know you found your cell phone. I'm glad you'll remember all of us who didn't help you look, but it's that x-ray vision. See, mine got all messed up the other day so i couldn't see past the Canadian border. GRIN!

Okay, so I'm really starting to ramble and not really make any sense. I also seem to be having trouble typing.

voyagerjc's computer is still down. He put a call in to our computer guy yesterday and we still haven't heard anything back from him. I think it's time to place another call tomorrow afternoon. He's currently got my laptop, but he is getting really irritated with this newspaper site and the fact that my laptop is the slowest machine on the planet really doesn't help matters much.

Okay, whichever cat decided to use the litter box at this precise moment is not going to get any tuna for a week! The bathroom is right across the hall from where I am now, and I really didn't need that, um, olfactory unpleasantry. SMILE! Okay, so they don't get tuna normally anyway, but it was just sort of something to write.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Oh, if anyone's curious to hear an interview with Jonathan Mosen concerning his move from HumanWare to Freedom Scientific, tune into ACB Radio's Main Menu program tonight at 8:00 PM Central to hear all about it. I for one don't plan to miss it. Later guys!
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