Caroline (kittytech) wrote,


Yes, I'm writing about water.

A very recent tweet from someone that I'm following on Twitter mentioned
that they had a water cooler and had water delivered. It made me think back
to a few months ago when I was considering getting one of these coolers
myself. Currently I've got a 1.5 gallon container that fits really nicely on
one side of my fridge so that I can have nice cold water. I end up refilling
it every few days, depending on how much water I've been drinking. Overall
though, my water consumption has increased significantly since moving to
Fargo. The water that I get is $0.73 a gallon, and it's still delivered to
me since I do grocery delivery. I've been doing this for several months now
and it's worked out well.

But, now that I've been doing this, and knowing that I still wouldn't touch
the tap water here with a ten-foot poll, the question has sort of come up
again in my mind. Would I be better off with a water cooler, or should I
stick with my current system?

I like the idea of a cooler if only because I think it's neat having one.
The water source is also larger, since, as far as I know, most of the
coolers use 5 gallon jugs. The other advantage would be that I'd have a bit
more room in my fridge, and I wouldn't have to keep throwing out plastic
jugs all the time. But, what would the overall cost be if I were to get the
machine, and say, 10 gallons a month? Right now, the total cost for me if I
were getting ten gallons is $7.30. I know that my cost with a cooler
wouldn't be that low, but I wonder if there is still any kind of advantage
to going that route.

Just some random thoughts as I figure out ways to feed my water addiction.

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