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Voice Post; Cool New Toy

In this poorly-recorded post, I'm doing a very brief demonstration of my new Moshi Talking Alarm Clock. It's most definitely not the best, but hopefully it gets the point across. I'm having all kinds of fun with this thing, and I'm really glad I got it. So, enjoy!

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“Hey there buddy, it's been a long time since I've done one of this. But I got a cool new toy here I have to share it, just so briefly here. You might have heard the Masey(?) Talking Alarm Clock, well this thing is so cool cos you can talk to it. So I pushed this is little this display button thing, ___ command please, time, the time is 12:21pm command please, date, today is Monday May 11th 2009. Or I can go, command please, alarm, the alarm is set to 6:30am the alarm on. And you can you can set the time and well you've be setting in, but you you can set the time and you can. Oh one more really cool thing, one more really cool thing, this is gonna be inaccurate but, command please, temperature, temperature is 77 degrees fahrenheit(?), it's indoor. So this thing is so cool and I got a the travel version, there's a bigger version available but I'm cheap in stuff. So I didn't get that one but hopefully it came across well because is just really cool and I think other people might get a kick out of it. So I think that is gonna about do it and I'm gonna go away. So bye.”

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