Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

How's This for Service?

As of last night we still had heard nothing from our computer guy concerning Jim's computer, so this afternoon, (he opens at noon and I wasn't able to call until after 2:30 anyway), I called him again. He answered, and I explained the problem. He said that it was probably due to the storms that we'd had recently because he'd all ready fixed several systems that went out due to power. Unfortunately, I don't think that was it since it went out on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and we didn't have any storms during that time. Either way though, it needed repair. He said that I could bring him the PC and he'd take a look at it. Well, taking a computer in a cab is kind of a pain, especially with the drivers that we have around here. He's got a guy that will come and do pick-ups for a fee, so I asked if that could happen. We set it up and I think the guy came at about 3:00 PM. Maybe 20 minutes later I got a call from the guy confirming that it definitely was a power supply problem, and he had fixed it. He wanted to know if the delivery guy could come and drop off the machine. So, at about 4:00 PM, the machine was back. I've never gotten same-day service before unless it was a little thing, and even then I think that only happened once. It wasn't with this guy, and the place I went charged way too much money. Now when it comes to component upgrades I do them myself, but this was a while ago and I wasn't into opening the case and tinkering.

So, he's back online again, and I think he's glad of it. Now he can play his computer games, research to his heart's content, and just generally get back to normal. Maybe now that he's got his machine back he'll post a new entry. Hmm, hint hint.

Well, I'm hungry, so I'm going to get out of here for now. Nothing else exciting has happened anyway, so I don't really have any new news. Later.

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