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Taxi, Is This Latin for Lazy?

Okay, I've got several things to write about today, but I think I'll do them in multiple posts to make it a little easier to follow. First I wanted to write about my very frustrating cab ride yesterday, and then later I'll write about my, um, interesting? day.

So yesterday I was doing a couple of things. In the morning I was supposed to see a client for more training. From there, I was going to be picked up, and we were going to stop for lunch before going to a meeting in the afternoon. Okay, so this isn't a problem except that I had to bring a lot of extra stuff with me. So,picture this. I've got a backpack that probably weighs 20 pounds or more on my back. This has my beast of a laptop, external speakers, and tons of other stuff. Then, I've got my purse and PAC Mate in front of me, my cane in one hand, and two boxes of software in the other. I was kind of loaded down, and I really didn't have any free hands. I called my cab and went outside to wait because they sometimes tend to drive by and say that you're not there just because they don't see you. So the cab pulled up. I had asked to be called when the cab was coming, but that only happens some of the time. Oh well, the cab is here. I asked the driver who he was picking up just in case it wasn't my ride. He pretty much just grunted so I figured I'd just get in and if he wasn't my ride then he'd have to deal with it since he didn't give me a good answer. So the driver just sat in the cab the entire time I was trying to get in. I had to back in because with my arms full I couldn't get my backpack off without putting other things down, and I wasn't about to do that. So I got in and I was sitting sideways because I couldn't sit normally due to the backpack again. I'm trying and trying to reach for the door to pull it shut and it's not happening. And still, this jerk just sat there and made absolutely no move to help me. Finally I managed to get the door closed. A really big part of me wanted to say something but for once I kept my mouth shut. I'm getting better about that these days. SMILE!

So then the driver starts to fill out my transit slip. First, even though I called it in as a transit ride he asked me if it was transit. Duh, can you not read? Hello!!!! I gave him my transit number and he started driving. I was pretty irritated at this point, and I was thinking that Mr. Jerk up in the front seat would be lucky to get his fare let alone a tip for this kind of service. But things got even worse. We pulled up in front of the house. He asked me if we were in the right place. Now, let's stop to think here. I called in a cab for a VISUAL transit ride. I carry and use a cane. Does this not tell you that, hey, guess what! I probably can't see all that well. Wow! I said that I really didn't know if we were at the right place or not. So then he asked me if there was a tree in front of the house. RRRRRRRRR!!! Is this guy just stupid today or was he born that way? Here's your sign!!!!!!! So I gave him his money and got out. It was a lot easier getting out than it was getting in. Then, before I even took a step, he pulled away and took off. If I hadn't been in the right place I would have been completely stranded, not having a clue where I was, or even how to find out for that matter. And, the area I was in wasn't exactly the best area to be in so it wasn't like I really wanted to go knocking on doors to ask people where I was. I had my phone, but unless I called 911, nobody could have tracked me. Oh wait, I had my GPS with me so I guess I could have turned it on and gotten an idea of my location, but ... Anyway, I digress. Fortunately though, it was the right house, and my client was waiting for me.

The sad thing is that if I call and complain about the service I'll get this song and dance routine about how the drivers are under no obligation to leave their vehicles to help. To me, that's not even the point. The point is that common courtesy would suggest that if someone is struggling the decent and polite thing to do would be to at least offer some assistance. I guess that's just too much to ask of some people though.

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