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Kitchen Product Review

I love my kitchen gadgets, and I love talking about them. But, usually the
things I write about are high-tech things like mashed potato makers or deep
fryers, or other things like that. This time though, I wanted to talk about a really low-tech item that has been awesome to have around. Anyone following me on Twitter may
already have an idea what I'm going to be talking about unless you're a very
recent follower.

Growing up, I was always taught that as blind people, we need very long oven
mitts for our own safety. I learned to cook with bulky oven mitts that
didn't allow me a lot of freedom, or the ability to really feel what I was
trying to grab onto. But, it was what I'd been taught to do and use, so I
accepted it as the way things were. For me though, there were other problems
with the long cloth mitts too. The biggest thing for me was washing them.
One trip through the laundry and they were pretty much useless. They seemed
to lose something after being washed, and they were more apt to let hot
things get through.

A few years ago while walking around Sam's Club with a friend, we came
across the craziest oven mitts. They were made entirely out of silicone.
They were shorter, which was the first big rule of blindy cooking broken,
but they could be thrown into the dishwasher when they got dirty. Totally
sweet stuff!! I liked them a lot, but I still didn't get what I felt was
always a very firm grip on things when carrying pots and pans, or putting
things into the oven.

I used these gloves for probably 4 years, and could never find them again
after buying them that first time. I wanted to have a second pair just as a

A similar product was available through Blind Mice Mart, and I thought about
getting myself a set, but I felt that $32 was a lot of money to spend on a
set of oven mitts. I also got to see a pair from someone else, and although
I liked them, I just wasn't ready to spend the money.

In October when I moved, my oven mitts disappeared. If I was going to cook
anything on the stove or in the oven, I needed mitts, so that meant a trip
to Wal-Mart. Obviously, sighted people never use two mitts at the same time
though because I saw all kinds of dishcloth packs that included one oven
mitt. I didn't want all the other stuff, so there was pretty much only one
option for me. And, of course, I had to buy two separately because sighted
people only cook with one hand. SMILE!!!! These mitts are pretty neat.
They're the traditional cloth, but the fingers and thumb have a layer of
rubber to help with gripping. Again, a step up, but still not the best
solution. But, I could cook again, and eating is very important to me.

While visiting with masterofmusings a couple of weeks back, I
got to see the latest blindy oven mitt offerings. Either my hands have
grown, or they've shrunk the mitts! Brand new never-been-open mitts, and
they were so tight on my hands that I really didn't have any flexibility at
all. I was not impressed.

For several years, I'd heard about the Ove' Glove. It was available all
over, but I never actually had the opportunity to get a look at one. And, at
about $20 for one, I again felt that the price was just too high. I was
browsing on Amazon a while back though, hoping to find a set of my nice
silicone mitts, and came across the Ove' Glove at a
very reasonable price of $18 for a set of two! I decided that I wanted to
give them a try, and masterofmusings was incredibly sweet and
purchased them for me. They arrived at my door last Tuesday, the same day
that I got back from Winnipeg.

When I opened the package, I thought it was interesting. These things look
like knitted winter gloves, complete with the four finger and thumb holes.
All over, front and back, are rubber gripper things, and in very large
rubber letters it proudly proclaims that this is the OVE GLOVE. I put them
on, and was very surprised at how much motion I had with my hands. They're
fairly thick, and I was expecting something that thick to be kind of clunky.
The first night I tried them it was something as simple as transferring a
sheet into and out of the oven so that I could eat my supper. I was sold
immediately though. For the first time, I felt like I truly had a good solid
grip on the cookie sheet, and was able to feel what I was doing.

In the last week or so since then, I've done a lot of cooking, including
making a tuna noodle casserole that required me to drain macaroni. I had
more control over that pot than I'd ever had before, and my hands stayed
completely cool. I had a solid grip on the casserole dish as it went in and
out of the oven, and everything was great.

Although these mitts are extremely short, just going a very short way past
the wrist, I feel completely safe with them, and absolutely love them. I
don't regret trying them in the least.

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