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And the Saga Continues ..

Well, here I am again. I wanted to write something here before I get too loopy and can't formulate sentences. Things with my teeth are continuing to be interesting.

Over the weekend the pain continued to get worse instead of better. I thought it was the temporary crown they put on and I was thinking that I'd just wait until my appointment on Wednesday. This morning though while I was trying to be somewhat productive, things just really started hurting bad and I couldn't concentrate. It's been hard to sleep too because things were hurting so bad. So, I finally decided to call the dentist. She said that she wanted me to come in. I was lucky enough to get a ride up there since I never would have gotten there in time if I'd called a cab. I had a couple more X-Rays taken, (at no charge this time), and then she told me that she suspected that due to the trauma that the tooth had been through that the nerve was dying. She removed the temporary crown and replaced it with some weird thing that apparently has medication in it that is supposed to help with the pain. In addition to that, she also wrote me out a prescription for Darvon, which is one of the few pain meds I can actually tolerate given my extensive list of medication allergies that I have. Jim's on his way to the drug store now to fill the prescription. On Wednesday I will most likely be having a root canal done in addition to the crown that they were going to do. Yeehaa!

On October 13, I'll be going to an oral surgeon. When they pulled my tooth last week there was a very small piece they couldn't get. Because I'm going to get the implant, they want to make sure that the entire tooth is removed, and my dentist says that she couldn't do it without removing quite a bit of the bone and she doesn't want to do that. So, I'll have the surgeon do it and I guess he'll be able to preserve more of the bone so that the implant will work out better.

Well, I think I'm going to go for now and relax for a bit before finding something to eat. Just thought I'd write an update to let everyone know how things are progressing.
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