Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

It's Life; Or Something

It's been a while since I've written an actual update in here other than the
brief tidbits I include with many of my trivia posts. Sadly, there's just
not much to report these days, and things are about as routine as they get.
Still unsuccessfully looking for work. I keep hearing about everyone else
getting jobs, and it can definitely get frustrating. But I just keep hoping
that there's something out there for me.

The good news is that masterofmusings will be here a week from
tomorrow for a visit. He's already requested another turkey dinner like the
one in April. The difference though is that I would like to remember the
stuffing before I actually sit down to eat this time. My grocery store that
delivers doesn't seem to have the smaller turkey breast that I got last
time, so at some point this week I'll be making a trip to the other store
about 3 blocks from me to pick that up and to check for a couple of other
things to make it worth the trip. I've got a surprise planned for him that
I'm hoping to make this time around, but obviously I can't write about that
here yet or he'll know. Once I do it though, and if it turns out, it'll show
up on my recipe
for everyone to see.

Speaking of the recipe page, I've added a way for people to sign up to be
notified when the page changes. I've got a slightly revised version of the
page that I still need to upload, and there are a couple of new recipes
there if I remember my last revision correctly. It's been a lot of fun
putting the page together, and only including the things that I've actually

It was a bit cooler here last weekend, and I took the opportunity to
actually open some windows in here and let in fresh air instead of the
canned air conditioner stuff. Taz, being the kitty that he is, jumped up
into a window to get some fresh air. There were some teen-age kids outside
playing basketball, and some guy decided to throw the ball at my open
window. The ball hit Taz, and he took off. Fortunately he was okay, but now
he won't go near the window. I wish the ball had at least gone through my
screen because I would have had proof of what happened. As it stands right
now, there's not anything I can do because I don't know the people, and
since Taz wasn't hurt, it'd be pointless to say anything. It's times like
that when I miss my pre-flood apartment since the kids in that building,
(and all the neighbors for that matter), were so incredibly awesome. That
building is now officially filled though, so even if I had someone to help
me move yet again, I couldn't go back to that apartment.

As I said, nothing exciting to talk about at all, and I'm pretty much just
rambling because I don't seem to know how to write short entries. But, since
I really don't have anything truly exciting or profound to write about, I
think I'll post this and go back to annoying people on Twitter. GRIN!!! Catch you all in my next

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