Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Anything new?

I suppose that's kind of a rhetorical question since I'm the one asking
myself, but hey, whatever works. I wanted to pop in and say that, yes, I
love my Twitter, but I truly haven't forgotten about LJ either. There just
hasn't been anything really earth shattering to write about, and I refuse to
start posting my tweets here on LJ. I just don't find that to be a very
productive way for me to use my LJ space.

So anyway, what's new? The last time I wrote, masterofmusings
was getting ready to come down for a visit. It's been great as always, and
there have been some rather interesting adventures, many of which I'm still
paying for.

I would love to submit a new rule for consideration to the construction
guild, or whatever it's called. The rule should state that putting sharp
square corners on bathroom vanities should be forbidden at all costs. Last
week I was doing a massive vacuuming of my bathroom to get rid of extraneous
litter. I'd removed everything, and was getting ready to wash the rugs. So,
I had the hose in my hands, and I was trying to work my way around the
litter box. I backed up, right into the corner of my bathroom counter, hard.
The bruise I received from that experience is still tender, but at least
it's a bit easier to sit down now. GRIN!

Sunday I decided that I was going to make my traditional breakfast for
Bruce; sausage patties and biscuits. This is something I do at least once
each time we get together, and I think we both look forward to it. Well,
this one turned out to be an adventure. It all started with the can of
biscuits. When I'd had my groceries delivered the week before, I noticed
that the can was a bit puffed out on either end. At the time, my only hope
was that it wouldn't pop open before I was going to use it. I put it in the
fridge and didn't think about it again until I pulled it out on Sunday
morning. I'd barely pulled off the outer wrapper before the can exploded.
The noise was like a backfire. The can recoiled and wacked me a good one,
and three biscuits flew. It was kind of amazing, and if it weren't for yet
another bruise, it actually might have been funny. Okay, so yeah, even
despite the bruise, I do have to admit to the humor. The flying biscuits are
pretty much beyond words. GRIN!

So I salvaged the biscuits and put them in the oven. I typically make my own
sausage patties because I think they fit the biscuits better. So I made my
patties and got them going. This ended up being uneventful, fortunately.
When the biscuits were done, I removed them from the oven and went to put
the pan down on top of my stove. I realized at that point that there was a
spatula under where the pan was supposed to go, so I held the pan with one
hand and reached under it with my other one to grab the spatula. That's when
it happened. Somehow, the top of my left arm came in direct contact with the
extremely hot pan. To say it was unpleasant would be one of the biggest
understatements of the year. I did manage to finish breakfast though, and it
was truly good. I put on some sunburn cream that I keep in my fridge, and it
made a world of difference. A few hours later I'd completely forgotten about
the burn, although it had blistered.

I forgot about it completely, until yesterday. My arm was itching, so
without thinking, I reached over and scratched. I remembered in a big way
when the blisters broke open and there was a whole new burning feeling to
deal with. Now it just plain itches again, but it's not something I'm going
to forget again any time soon.

Despite all the crazy things, we've had some other really great things
happen too. On Bruce's first full day here, I took some boneless pork ribs
and seasoned them, and we had garlic butter baby red potatoes. He got
another turkey dinner this time, and I even remembered the stuffing! Tonight
I made him homemade pepperoni pizza. I used a Pillsbury canned crust with a
great canned pizza sauce, lots of pepperoni, and plenty of pizza cheese.
Absolutely fabulous pizza, and a very quick and easy meal. I found a really
great brownie mix and made brownies earlier in the week. There's three
different kinds of chocolate in these things. The instructions say that to
make them a bit more cakey to add an additional egg, so next time I do them
I'm going to try that. They were incredible when they came out of the oven,
and we ate some while they were still warm, and they were still good once
they'd cooled, but I want to see what the third egg would do.

One of Bruce's surprises this time around was cornbread. In April I had warm
cookies waiting for him when he got out of his cab, and this time it was
buttery cornbread. It wasn't quite as warm as I would have liked, but that's
because his bus got in late, and that's the fault of customs. GRIN!

Finally, I got to introduce him to Chilis. I had a great steak, and so did
Bruce. Unfortunately, he chose to ruin it by putting ketchup on it, but I
guess I won't hold that against him. We went to Ruby Tuesdays, and we're going back
tomorrow. Friday we're heading out to Olive Garden to celebrate the fact
that we'll have been together officially for two years this coming Saturday.
Olive Garden was the first place we ever went to together, so we thought
that it would be a very fitting way to end his visit this time around.

There's probably a lot more that I'm forgetting, but it's getting late and
I'm getting tired. But, I wanted to post a real update for a change and let
people know that I'm still alive.

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