Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Trivia for Wednesday

Is it only Wednesday? For some reason it feels like it should be later in
the week, but I'm not quite sure why. In any case, today I had no
modem/router to reset, and no expired software to reinstall before I could
work with my machine, (the joys of beta testing), so I'm actually able to
get this out at a fairly normal time. My score? What, you want to know my
score? For the simple fact that I know that one certain individual is
reading this at around 9:00 PM tonight, (yes, you know who you are), I
should prolong the agony for as long as possible. But, I won't. I got 9/10.
I really thought I was going to do absolutely awful today, so I was very
happy with my score. And now, here
are the questions

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