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Random Rambling

Well, I thought I'd post something up here tonight. It's the end of another week, and I'm going to enjoy my weekend. My mouth is feeling much better today, and I expect that it will only continue to improve, until they go back in next week.

I've had a really easy week work-wise too which has been kind of nice. I've had a chance to do some things here, and catch up with things that I've been getting behind on. It's so hard to believe that September is ending tomorrow. One more month and we'll be changing our clocks back an hour. In a way that really kind of sucks. I like not having the sun come in my bedroom window and wake me up before I'm ready to wake up, and with it getting light later I actually tend not to wake up as early.

Speaking of waking up, and sleeping for that matter, I've been doing some thinking. I'm still doing the Melatonin, accept for that one night last week when I left it at home and really could have used a little help, and it's still helping me fall asleep and stay asleep. I'm sleeping more deeply, and the littlest noises don't wake me up anymore. The weird thing is, I've heard that people tend to have really weird dreams when they take this stuff. For me, I rarely even remember my dreams now. It's like I'm under so deep that I don't remember anything from the time I fall asleep to the time I wake up. It's been great though. My biggest problem is that with my mouth being so sore I've been eating different things, and I think my iron level is probably really low because I haven't been eating a lot of beef and things that would get my iron up. So I'll sit here at my computer feeling kind of dizzy and like I could just fall asleep. Today I decided to try a cheeseburger and it was the best thing I've tasted in a while! It wasn't so much that it was extra good, it was just that after not having it in a while it really hit the spot.

I've been reading two books at the same time lately; one during the day and one at night. They're both books that I've read before, but I thought they were worth reading again. I've got It by Stephen King and The Black House by Stephen King and that Peter guy. The last time I read It was about 8 years ago, and that was my second time through that one, and the other book I'm reading for the second time now. I like to reread books sometimes if I liked them well enough the first time because I find that I often pick up on something that I missed the first time through. Take the Harry Potter books for instance. I think in the last year and a half since I started reading them I've probably read them at least three or four times, and I always find something that I didn't catch before. Actually I think it's about time to start reading them again. the one thing I don't understand though is why Audible doesn't have the HP books. I'd think those would be great sellers if they'd offer them there.

I said that this was kind of going to be a lot of rambling, but I think I'm coming to the end of my thoughts for tonight. I need to find room in the fridge for some left-overs from tonight, and I want to see where the cats are because it's way to quiet, and that usually means they're into something that they shouldn't be getting into. You know, kind of like a couple of little kids. SMILE! Later, everyone!

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