Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

What was I Going to Write About Now?

Okay, I had several things I was going to write about tonight and can't remember hardly anything. Oh well, maybe as I write it'l come back to me.

So tonight for supper I'm making the baked potato soup that Machine Shed makes. I bought the soup base a while ago when I was there, and it was sitting in the cupboard today calling my name. It's kind of putsy, but I hope the end result will be worth it though. I'll find out in about 3 minutes though, so you guys will all know before I actually post this entry. Oh, 2 minutes left now.

In other news, tomorrow I'm going back to the dentist so they can put in the post and build up the tooth. They shouldn't need to numb my mouth this time though so that's good. Pretty much my entire day is shot though because of this thing. The cab fare to the dentist office is pretty pricy, so I'm taking a transit van again. I think i've written about that previously, so I won't say much more accept that what time I'm not spending in the chair I'll most likely be spending on the road.

Well, I had the soup. It didn't turn out as thick as it is at the restaurant, but it was still good. There was this one part where you were supposed to melt butter and mix in flower, and apparently that was supposed to help it get thicker, but that was the only part that really flopped so it just didn't thicken right. But, as i said, it was still amazingly good though so I'm not worried. We've got plenty of left-overs too so that helps.

Well, I don't remember what else I was going to write about tonight so I think I'm just going to post this. If I think of what I was going to say I'll write more later.

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