Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Almost Friday!!!!!

Well, here I am again, Just sort of a general update today, nothing overly exciting. SMILE!

My trip to the dentist yesterday was uneventful. She did what she had to do and sent me home. The only interesting thing about that is that there's this one spot right by where the tooth came out that's still really sore. Apparently, from the X-Rays, my dentist thinks that there might be a bone fragment caught in there and when I press on that spot or bump it the wrong way it hurts. There's a little lump there, so I guess that makes sense. Oh well, a week from tomorrow it'll all be over; at least a good part of it. They don't want to take those nasty impressions of my mouth until after next week though just in case something changes with the other tooth, so that means I've got yet another appointment! Yeehaa! But, in case anyone doesn't believe me, I now have X-Rays proving that I most definitely do have a small mouth, contrary to popular belief.

I was out all day today. I left at a little after 9:00 and didn't get home until a little after 5:30. It was another set-up, and we were told that there would be Internet access. Well, there was, sort of, but the little wireless device they wanted to use on the computer wasn't really seeing the router. The router is in the basement of this house on one end, and the computer is on the first floor at the other end. I said that I've seen problems with this kind of thing before and I strongly suggested that they reposition the router in a better location, but they kept insisting that there wasn't a problem with the router location. Okay, but if they don't have things working when i go back in two weeks I'm going to cancel the appointment because I need Internet access in order to train this guy.

When I got home I went onto This site is quite addictive, but I was really good. On Monday I purchased two 1 gig compact flash cards there for $28.56 or something like that a piece. The web site lists the price as $38.56, but I accidentally chose to check out using my Google account, and Google took off an additional $10, so that's how I got such a great deal. I also ordered a case from Executive Products because voyagerjc is finally getting a PAC Mate and i wanted him to have a nice case. So, today when I went shopping I picked up an Ambicom wireless compact flash card for $46, again using the Google check-out option. None of these cards have any shipping costs, if I choose to use their 7-9 business day regular mail shipping option. Because I'm cheap, I chose that option. Internet shopping is probably one of the best things about the Internet these days! SMILE!

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I can't really think of much else to write about at the moment so I'll go and post this. I need to load part 2 of Black House onto my Book Port and change the batteries anyway or else I won't have anything to read tonight. Later!

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