Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Thursday Trivia

I am now officially in Winnipeg, and things went quite well yesterday with
the bus. Other than the fact that the bus station in Fargo got moved, (yes,
I'm serious), things went well. My Para-transit driver had lots of extra
time, and I was really early, so it was no problem at all for him to drive
me over to the new station. And, the good news is that it's actually closer
to my apartment now, so cab fare should be much more reasonable.

Before I post today's trivia, I just want to wish everyone the best for this
holiday season, whatever it is that you celebrate. I won't be able to post
tomorrow's trivia until Saturday because where I'll be, I won't have access
to the Internet. But we'll have the weekend, so if you rely on my links in
order to do the questions, they will come.

And now, for today. I got 8/10, so once again, I'm very happy with my score.

Here are today's questions

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