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Don't Download This Song

No, this is not an admonishment or anything like that. There is a reason for this title. While looking for something completely different, I came across another new song by Weird Al. The title? Yes, you guessed it. Don't Download This Song. It's about people getting songs for free from the Internet. It's great, as 99.9 percent of his stuff is. So I gave in and placed an order for the new album today. With shipping it was only about $18, and I figured that I'd end up paying more for a cab to get to the store to pick it up. So I'm hoping to have it by Friday or so. Reviews coming soon. SMILE! Oh, and for anyone who heard the You're Pitiful song that's also been up on his web site, for whatever reason it didn't make it onto the album do to "circumstances beyond his control". Oh well, it's still downloadable.
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