Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Someday ... And Trains

Someday I'm going to get myself a top-floor apartment .. No wait, make
that a top-floor penthouse apartment with an elevator with a very
heavy-duty back-up generator so that if the power goes out the elevator
will still run. This way I don't have neighbors across or next to me
either. I want my own self-contained water system, (completely paid for
of course by the inheritance that I'm not going to receive), and I want
top-quality steak and mushrooms for dinner every night, brought to me on
a silver platter.

And why do I want all of this? For the simple reason that, well, who
knows. I know why I want my self-inclusive water system though. I got up
this morning at a little after 5:00 AM. When I walked into my bathroom,
I heard that someone else was running water. This isn't normal for that
time of the morning. I took my shower, and noticed that the water was
quite cold. Hot water is normally something that I never seem to lack,
and very often times find myself having to turn down the temperature
because it's too hot. The advantage to the cold water was that I got in
and out in record time, so was actually early for my ride for a change.
But, when I turned off my shower, the water was still running in the
other apartment. By this time, it was coming up on 5:40, which is my
morning computer time when I do trivia and try to catch up a little on
Twitter and email, as well as have a brief morning talk with masterofmusings. We stop talking at around 6:20, give or take a
few minutes. When I went back into the bathroom, the water was still
running. This was now going on for over an hour. I couldn't tell if the
water was coming from upstairs or next door, but I figured that,
regardless of where it was coming from, that was an extremely long time
to have constant water running.

I've been working for almost three and a half months. (Protected entry
all about the job coming very soon for those who are wondering.) In that
time, I come in every morning right around the same time, and leave in
the afternoon right around the same time. I've never once been held up
by a train. This week though, out of five days, three of those days my
ride has had to wait on a train. Despite that fact though, I've managed
to put in quite a bit in overtime, which gives me credit hours that I
can use for time off. After today I'll have 3 extra hours! Given what
happened over Christmas, these extra hours are definitely welcome.

Anyway, work calls, but I thought I'd put in a little bit of randomness
for a change.

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